the future is round the corner

For this order I had a lot of figures to draw which usually makes me nervous (since I’m not the best at it) and I’m much more comfortable drawing buildings. With buildings you know where you stand and they are just really fun to draw. However, I DID have fun drawing this map. The customer sent me posed photographs to work from which really allowed me to capture the individuality of the family members, how they stood, their physical traits and how they grew up into adults. I am really happy with how it turned out and I definately won’t be afraid to draw figures again when I remind myself of this success :-)

10 Locations81.jpg

new business cards

I ordered these fabulous new business cards from Hatch Print, an environmentally friendly printing company based in the UK which uses vegan inks in their production. They are also extremely helpful and friendly if you have an issue with your order and available on live chat.

It is always important to know where your products came from so you can decide whether you are happy to invest your hard-earned money there or not. I was on the look out for a printing company which only uses vegan ink, as gelatine isn’t necessary for an amazing finished product, and unlike most of us are told, isn’t just a by-product. These are their Premium style business cards but they also offer seed paper!

(This is not a sponsored post, I am just spreading the word since I am so happy with their results!)

business card.jpg


Just editing my website today. I decided to change the background for my shop page to include recent map commissions. Also going to be ordering some new business cards!

second year

I created this personalised map for a repeat customer who will be able to display this next to their first year map. I think its a really sweet idea to have a map to represent each year.

10 Locations55.jpg

...back on the 26th December 2018

The shop will be open again on the 26th December. Chantelle is just taking a little break for now to hang out with her fluffy family.


Golf journey

Recent commission for a personalised birthday present. A hand drawn map of his golf journey, showing all the important courses he has played on. This was a new topic for me and it was fun to see the variety of courses, the ones on the coast look the coolest

20 Locations1.jpg